Sooooo. About a year and a half ago, I spent $60 on 3 top of the line 100 watt Cree LED light bulbs (yes, $20 each).

They’re supposed to outlast regular bulbs many times over.

But the motivation in buying these is saving on electricity usage ( nothing I like less than donating money to the DWP. You know, the same entity whose employees are scheduled to get FIVE raises over the course of the next few years).

Additionally, these, in addition to being quite bright, give off very little heat, so that’d by definition mean lower air conditioning cost.

Imagine my surprise, then, when these started conking out way prematurely, one by one.

I emailed Cree and mentioned how I had no receipts after all this time (Home Depot), but that I felt it was disingenuous for them to make extraordinary usage claims in their site advertising etc (23 years….see photo 1 of 3 below).

Imagine my further surprise, then, when a customer support woman asked for my address. They would send 3 replacement bulbs immediately, no receipt needed, and to not even bother shipping the 3 bad bulbs back.

Jeheeshmeesh. Very nice of them. No questions asked.

Awesome company, gotta say. And I really do like the quality of light thesePhoto Jun 06, 8 33 40 PM Photo Jul 05, 8 38 20 PM Photo Jul 05, 8 38 13 PM

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