LOVE LIGHT UP PEN neon glow in dark Orange Bulb Valentine’s Day, Anniversary

LOVE LIGHT UP PEN neon glow in dark Orange Bulb Valentine's Day, Anniversary

Super-bright LED light pen with metal body. Awesome gift idea. Limited quantity left.



“Always Loving You” on Barrel
White Top

Last ones, when they’re gone, they’re gone.
No more being made, so a real collector’s item !

LIGHTED LOVE PEN neon glow in dark Orange Bulb

Hmmm…… what exactly to say about this……

A surrealistic orange glow emanates from this gorgeous pen. If you’ve seen those glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets at summer concerts and fairs, this is very similar in appearance, except the pen is of course battery operated.

This may be a very good, and at the same time totally unusual, gift idea for someone special, as these are the very same high-quality premium version sold in upscale chain stores (for a lot more money than here, naturally).

LIGHTED LOVE PEN neon glow in dark Orange Bulb in a dark roomThis is NOT an
award-winning photo !
Color is’s deep orange w/white top

Both men and women seem to like them….at one time I thought it would fall into the ‘gadget’ category and be vastly preferred by men buyers, but not so, as it turns out.One fun use is at Rave parties.A pen can be dropped in a shirt pocket…… easily glows right through fabric, giving off a ‘radioactive‘ looking aura; first saw this at a waterfront restaurant in Marina del Rey, Ca. which was hosting a party for a renowned researcher — both he and the waiters were having a field day with it.

LIGHTED LOVE PEN - unscrew the top and you have an instant  flashlight

What’s really killer about this pen, though (and I never suspected this until an Ebay customer brought it up….duh) is that you can screw off the main barrel very quickly and voila ! you have a bright blue or red pocket FLASHLIGHT (see picture left). It’s so bright to look at with the naked eye, it’s almost like looking at a laser. Obvious, and entirely practical uses abound. Have one handy for use in a darkened boat, car or airplane cabin, or for that matter, anywhere constrained light levels exist. Those that jot down late night notes or record their dreams will be all set with this.

LIGHTED LOVE PEN comes in a nice display case

In case you want this for a gift, it comes in a nice black case with transparent plastic top, including instruction sheet, all of which is inserted inside a protective shiny black cardboard sleeve.These are brand new and never used by the way.

Plus, I make it a point to pretest all outgoing items before actual shipping to reduce the chances of snafus to near zero.

Powered by a single high intensity super-intense L.E.D. originally developed and patented in Japan (no one else has them), at one time (when first debuted about 2 yrs ago) they retailed for anywhere from $17.00 to $ 24.00 depending on location and availability ….. a customer in Arizona spotted these in a major mailorder catalog/store chain recently for $ 19.95, and I’ve seen them locally in a gadget store for 15.00.By the way, don’t count on ever seeing a dead bulb: 10,000 hours is fairly standard on these, so be prepared to wait a very, very long time for that event.

So it seems to be a really good deal at this price, since for the same money in a typical drug, stationary or office supplies store, you can pay way more than this for an ordinary pen with NO light.

The on/off switch is built into the thumb clicker at the top, and the refill mechanically retracts by twisting the barrel. It sports a very eye-appealing and universally favored hard metal top. AG10 (also called 389) batteries ARE included by the way (it takes three).

Black ink is standard.

And do keep in mind these are the original premium version light pen, built like a tank and made to last.Inexpensive copies abound, but generally leave a little to be desired in either the bulb intensity department (that’d be….you guessed it….dept ‘B’) or in the look and feel of the barrel itself.

Typically, hastily produced knockoffs will be made of easily dented thin metal. I know this well, as a friend gave me one to play with (he’d found it for 5.00 or so at a swap meet), and I fairly destroyed it the first time it was dropped.

Ok then, not destroyed in the terminal sense, but it resulted in a most cool and strategically placed dent just beside the clip, and didn’t seem to write very well after that (probably in protest).

Nothing, but nothing, can prepare you for how stunning these pens look in a darkened room; you’re in for a real surprise (the pictures I managed to get are pretty one-dimentional, even using a fairly good camera). I unintentionally sold several one evening recently just sitting at a coffehouse patio while working on my laptop (hey, wait a minute, I spend well over a grand a year in that place, guess now finally I’m getting some of it back).

Scotland, Ireland and Australia are the biggest international destinations for these, not entirely sure why that is.

Interesting applications:

Police or other law enforcement work, for writing at night.

Movie editors or script writers

Darkened conference or multimedia rooms

Pilots, for darkened aircraft cabins

Boat or pleasure craft users

Raves, parties, other events

Halloween (orange pen is good for this)

Waiters, waitresses, bartenders

Security personnel

Disc Jockeys, musicians

Imprinted Company giveaways

Make a wonderful purse light

Eminently useful for D.J.’s

Doctors, nurses, hospital workers (see testimonials below)

Map reading in a darkened car

A variety of different colors and designs lurk here

Count on ……

SUPERSONIC, and on good days, LIGHTSPEED shipping

Items usually fly out of here straightaway, and with great fanfare
(fireworks, marching band, dancing girls, that kind of thing),
so your friendly mailman should be ringing your doorbell soon after.

Buyer Quote :
“Tell the truth-it was in the mail BEFORE I ordered, right ?”


“Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time”

“Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it.”

And this, just in:
“Can’t believe this. Immediately after I hit the ‘pay now’ button,
my doorbell rang. The package was at the door. Go figure.”

(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Awesome double rainbow, as seen from our 3rd floor computer room window
Dec 22, 2010 )
We were sponsoring the weather that day.

Usually orders zoom out of Mission Control here either same or next day as
receipt of payment (before about 3 p.m. PST usually makes it out that day).

California residents expect to add sales tax at checkout for the gods of commerce here.
Our elected leaders of all that is need new limos, jets, other stuff now and again. Hope that’s ok.

Easily done !
And, postal USPS basically only charges domestic U.S. ship costs
to foreign APO addresses, no matter where you are out there.

We’ve shipped stuff to just about everywhere on the planet. Do keep in mind that some
countries may assess customs duties or fees upon arrival (often not, but sometimes yes).

Some restricted items, like aerosol spray cans or volatile inks,
aren’t considered aircraft-friendly these days, so those are shipped within North
America only, and only via slow-boat UPS ground.

For your considerable amusement, here’s a not-that-long-ago countries list ……..

Quantum Leap Unlimited
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Hollywood, California
Quantum Leap Unlimited

Terrestrial orders only at this time



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