MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper, powerful grip, swivel, BLACK, bag of 10

MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper, powerful grip, swivel, BLACK, bag of 10





Hugely useful organizing gadget
In bags of 10
Powerful spring, with swivel head
1000′s of Household Uses !Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, Office, Garage, Workshop,
Airplane, Car, Boat and Space Ship (if you have one)

Color Selection : BLACK
MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper, powerful grip

- Example pictures below show both white and black -

Here goes…….

MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper, powerful grip - hanger rotates 360 degrees

Hands down one of the best, and most practical, and useful organizing gadgets of all time.
MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper 0 degrees- clip head pivots nearly 36
These are NOT your wimpy turn of the century clips. Clamp one on your finger for even a few seconds and you’ll see…. it gets mighty uncomfortable, they’re that powerful.
MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper, ataches to almost anything What makes them totally unique and different is they swivel, bend, flex, turn every which way, as needed.An added plus, they’re quite lightweight, at only a tenth of an ounce each.
Hundreds of possibilities.And just watch, you’ll come up with a flurry of uses once you get the hang of using them.


It’s simply one of the best organizational tools ever unleashed on an unsuspecting world.
MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper - easily control clutter, and instantly know where to find things You’ll easily control clutter, and instantly know where to find things.
USE TO :Hang cables and loose wires
Hang film in a darkroom

Hang sunglasses

Hang clothes…better than clothespins

Hang bags

Hang papers

MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper Hang notes and memos
Hang pens
Hang photos
Hang towels
Hang pot holders
Hang samples: store displays

Hang delicate clothes items

Hang handmade ornaments

HANG FROM:A shelf edge
A wire frame of any kind
A wire grid
A wire shelf
An edge of any kind

A nail
A hook
A closet rod
A coat hanger
A handle
A rope
A clothesline
MICRO CLEVER CLIPS Organizing helper - Your choice of either white or black , of course Your choice of either white or black , of course.You’re on the BLACK order page.For WHITE, click on picture at left, which will transport you to the store Organizing Stuff Section.

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Quantum Leap Unlimited
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