Screen Magnet BLUE BUTTERFLY Screen Doors, Fridge, decorate, cover up holes

Screen Magnet BLUE BUTTERFLY Screen Doors, Fridge, decorate, cover up holes

Thin, flexible, light-reflecting screen magnets are a great gift idea. Not to mention a perfect way to cover up screen flaws.


Brilliant, iridescent, ever-changing colors !

Eye-catching hues change rapidly
based upon viewing angle

Use on :

Screen doors


Filing cabinets



Cars, trucks, RV’s, Vans, boats

SCREEN MAGNET Blue Butterfly main

These thin and flexible screen magnets are a natural companion item to the window magnets we’ve been selling for many years (see chart way below), which pull through glass.

But buyers kept requesting something for screen doors, so here they are, at long last.

Being flat and thin, screen magnets are perfect for any window or door screen, and for anything metal as well, like a refrigerator or filing cabinet.

SCREEN MAGNET Blue Butterfly 2

Each set consists of two identical magnets, one of which goes on the outside of your screen, and the second one on the inside (they’re basically attracting each other).

Since screens are aluminum mesh, they aren’t magnetic, hence the need for two magnets.

Note in the picture at left how the two halves are ‘left / right’ duplicates.

YouTube Video Clip

SCREEN MAGNET Blue Butterfly 3
Obviously, you’ll have two magnets to decorate with if they’re not used on a screen, a bonus of sorts.

Picture, left :

Thin film dual magnets, showing the unprinted magnet side of each.

Picture, left :

How they appear on a screen in daylight….this gives you a pretty good idea of how they’ll look on your actual screen door.

What makes these realllly useful is preventing your friends from accidentally charging right through your sliding screen door.

Too, if you have a hole in your screen, don’t even bother replacing it, just throw a window magnet over it.

How’s THAT for saving a lot of money ?

SCREEN MAGNET Blue Butterfly 4

Picture above: On a bathtub

More Uses:

Screen magnets easily attach to anything metal:

Refrigerators or office filing cabinets, mailboxes, lockers, you name it.

And guess what ? They actually work on cars, vans, trucks, RV’s and boats as well !

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing 95 on the interstate, they’ll stay on. We’ve also gotten reports of cars going through car washes with these on and staying perfectly in place.

And you dunna have to worry about weathering effects, at all. These aren’t affected by rain or sun.

Rusting ? Just won’t happen.

SCREEN MAGNET refrigerator
Picture, left :

3 different screen magnet designs on a refrigerator.

SCREEN MAGNET Blue Butterfly 5
Picture, left :

On a microwave.


Comparison Chart, left :

5 designs showing comparative sizes

Large hummer
Large Multicolor butterfly

Small Monarch butterfly
Small blue butterfly
Small multicolor butterfly

Click on picture chart to see all screen magnets

These are, of course, a perfect and unusual gift item……

Brand new, of course.

Each design you purchase consists of a front and a back magnet, which means you’ll have 1 screen magnet, or 2 separate magnets if using on a flat magnetic surface (fridge, filing cabinet, etc).

cheap , affordable, high quality, and quite original, so they’ll be a fun surprise for most people.


5.5 inches Wide X 3 inches High.


Click anywhere on chart to check store availability

If you’d like 3D magnets for your windows, got those too !

Clickable chart at left shows some of the many designs.

Window magnets, of necessity, have very powerful magnets which can hug thru glass. And….they’re 3D, instead of flat like the screen magnets.

Thanx for looking in !

Count on ……

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Buyer Quote :
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"Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time"

"Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it."

And this, just in:
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(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)
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