SPARKLNG LIGHT 4 INCH Mini Disco MIRROR BALL Party fun, reflected sunlight

SPARKLNG LIGHT 4 INCH Mini Disco MIRROR BALL Party fun, reflected sunlight


Fill the known universe
with sparkling light …..

Real Glass version
For cars, trucks, planes and home window displays

Fill up an entire room or vehicle compartment (or plane or boat cabin for that matter) with sparkling light. When the sun, a spotlight, a flashlight, or laser, is directed at one of these, hundreds of moving spots of reflected light are created everywhere, just like in a ballroom or party setting.

Four inches in diameter, with attachment cord for hanging. There are at least a hundred highly refective glass squares covering a hard inner core. A less expensive version I almost got talked into buying several years ago used plastic squares, but in the real world nothing reflects intense light as well as glass (If plastic tiles become scratched, or modified by intense sun, forget it).

Very popular with car & truck lovers (even light airplanes sport them), hanging from a rear-view mirror.

Also look stunning in a sunlit kitchen or bathroom window or for use as a christmas tree decoration; really, anywhere you have good sun exposure ( backyards, patios, pool areas, gardens, or even hanging from trees).

Some people use them as an out-of-reach hanging item in a baby’s room as a visual toy, and to brighten the general area (understand, though, not for the little character to actually play with…..this is glass!!)

And last, but hardly least, they can be useful as a party decoration.

Please note: If you want this for your car mirror, you may prefer the 2 inch size disco ball (see my store for that one). Buyers have used the 4 incher for car mirrors, of course, but in some instances it may seem slightly too large.

And, just for fun, here are some really great comments from earlier happy users:

You flashy guy, you! The mirrored balls arrived today, safe and sound. They are really nifty. Friday I was crawling along on the freeway at rush hour and the car next to me had the most beautiful mirrored ball hanging from her rear view mirror. I was transfixed! I had never seen anything like it. So I IMMEDIATELY got onto eBay and, lo and behold, there was your auction. Sort of a minor miracle, huh? I think I will go cruising around the neighborhood right now in my husband’s 1965 Lincoln continental convertible! It was a pleasure doing business with you!
- L.C.

Hi, Alan – thanks I think 3 will do the trick. Going to hang them in a plum tree in front patio….Thanks much!
- S.R.

This is my second order. I gave all the others away as gifts when people saw them. They’re great in the garden and seem to keep squirrels at bay !

- J.P.

One interesting side note: a friend who’s very much into Feng Shui maintains that reflected light is good for dispelling ‘negative energy’ in a room, and got hers for expressly that purpose.

YouTube Video Clip :

Shows an optional battery motor (available below) being used to turn a
smaller 2 inch disco ball, outside a window.

The actual effect will be somewhat more dramatic with a
4 incher, of course, as it has more, and bigger, mirror tiles



Ready….. Set …… Go …..
Micro-Motor Kit

Click on picture to add this to your order

This is little gem is the very same motor shown in the YouTube clip above, and is good for quite a few other uses besides turning your Disco Ball.

ON/OFF switch is built-in. The kit includes both a battery and a Clever Clip (see below).

Comes with a hook underneath for suspending stuff, and a bracket on top for hanging the motor on a nail, screw, or suspended wire or string.

If you have a Disco in the back of your limo, you really do need this !!


ROTATION RATE: about 2 rpm

WEIGHT: with ‘N’ size battery, only 1.4 ounces

SIZE: 1.5 inches high X 1.5 inches wide (diameter)

CARRYING CAPACITY : objects in the 1-5 ounce range are ideal

Clever Clips

Click on picture to add these to your order

These things are extremely useful all over the house (one of those ’1000s of uses’ kind of items) not just for hanging your Disco Ball.

They’re about .58 cents each in my store, but included free with the motor kit above. This will save you from having to tie the motor to where you want it.

Hard to describe here, but they twist, turn, pivot and hang in infinitesimally diverse ways… these are one of my all-time favorite gadgets.

If you’d like to explore the 1000′s of other uses, click on the picture at left to go there in a flash….they’re sold in bags of 12 each.

I think these are getting harder and harder to find, as I’ve not seen them in any stores locally, and many people have said
the same thing is true for their locales as well. These are all brand new, and each mirror ball is in it’s own separate
box (nice packaging if these are for gifts).

Count on ……

SUPERSONIC, and on good days, LIGHTSPEED shipping

Items usually fly out of here straightaway, and with great fanfare
(fireworks, marching band, dancing girls, that kind of thing),
so your friendly mailman should be ringing your doorbell soon after.

Buyer Quote :
"Tell the truth-it was in the mail BEFORE I ordered, right ?"

"Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time"

"Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it."

And this, just in:
"Can’t believe this. Immediately after I hit the ‘pay now’ button,
my doorbell rang. The package was at the door. Go figure."

(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Awesome double rainbow, as seen from our 3rd floor computer room window
Dec 22, 2010 )
We were sponsoring the weather that day.

Usually orders zoom out of Mission Control here either same or next day as
receipt of payment (before about 3 p.m. PST usually makes it out that day).

California residents expect to add sales tax at checkout for the gods of commerce here.
Our elected leaders of all that is need new limos, jets, other stuff now and again. Hope that’s ok.

Easily done !
And, postal USPS basically only charges domestic U.S. ship costs
to foreign APO addresses, no matter where you are out there.

We’ve shipped stuff to just about everywhere on the planet. Do keep in mind that some
countries may assess customs duties or fees upon arrival (often not, but sometimes yes).

Some restricted items, like aerosol spray cans or volatile inks,
aren’t considered aircraft-friendly these days, so those are shipped within North
America only, and only via slow-boat UPS ground.

For your considerable amusement, here’s a not-that-long-ago countries list ……..

Quantum Leap Unlimited
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Hollywood, California
Quantum Leap Unlimited

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