STEAM TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE CHOO-CHOO SOUND KEYCHAIN with headlight, good for Mexican Dominoes Train game

STEAM TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE CHOO-CHOO SOUND KEYCHAIN with headlight, good for Mexican Dominoes Train game


New VERSION II with built-in flashing LED headlight
Grand gift giveaway or promotional item
Even more grand as a Mexican Dominoes board game accessory

Steam                train keychain

This is a slightly larger reincarnation of our
original wildly successful train keychain.

Some of the new, improved features:

- Superbright flashing L.E.D. headlamp

- Easier battery compartment access, batteries included

- Recessed sound switch prevents sound going off
accidentally in pocket

The original story version below….enjoy !

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Train pix for sound<br />

This shows train keychain features

I’d been on a super-secret, mission-level quest for over 10 years to find this little gem again after a rumor that the factory overseas had been destroyed in a flood.

Prior to then, I’d managed to sell well over 10,000 of them, some to major railroads.

And then, suddenly, there were no more. Till now, that is …..

As serendipity would have it, I almost literally stumbled into them about a year ago. Ever have one of those high-energy days when you wake up with a thousand irrepressible ideas and charge forth with a certified plan to dispatch 10 years worth of objectives in 1 day ?

Well then, on just such a day not too long ago I had a flashback to this train of yore, and thought how great it would be to get hold of them again. I resolved forthwith to ask 50 importers, distributors, whomevers at random if they knew how or where to find them.

This shows train keychain dimensions
“What do you mean exactly, “you have them”I asked ?”

I was at a large local warehouse and the manager quickly pulled one from a lopsided drawer, buried under ‘stuff’. “You mean this ?” she chided (there was a mischievous look in her eyes…I really felt like I was participating in some strange yet magical made-to-order movie). “Uh, yeah, that might be it.”

I tried to maintain my composure and not seem too overly eager, but it was way late for that ( I’d already given myself away big time, which is why I’ll never be very effective at card games).

Playing with my obvious impatience, she made vague references to having access to more, maybe, would find out, yada yada.

Well, to make a short story really overly long, I’m now the proud possessor of an inventory of these things again. It’s been a very strange trip indeed, but, then, mission accomplished.

Steam train keychain headlight shining on a wall

And good as they were way back then, they’re even better now….with a red flashing ‘headlight’ during the sound sequence. What’s unchanged then and now is the sound quality…..these things are LOUD for their size. I took a subway to the local train station bar and mesmerized the clientele with this….it was getting passed from person to person with lots of gesturing, oohs, ahhs, laughter, and a wide range of nonsensical comments from the mostly business travellers waiting for real trains.
Easy battery changes with train keychain

An aside note: during the ‘missing decade’, exaggerated design copies came out but were all total flops….mostly because they were much too large and didn’t look like ‘real’ locomotives. The biggest selling point of this wondrous design is it’s minute size (2.5 inches long X 1.5 inches high)…. very pocketable and easy to carry around. And, of course, fun to play with.

These are wondrous little stocking stuffers around Christmas time but also work equally well as general gift giveaways at almost any time of the year. Also good as wedding favors or promotional giveaways.

They’re also ideal for the hit Mexican Train Dominoes game which you may have heard about (or already play). Have been told that this train is more detailed and realistic (one buyer’s words: ‘cuter’) than the type that generally goes with the actual board game. If you like, the keychain is easily cut for use with the board game.

While train hobbyists and railroad afficianados like them for sure, so do kids and a wide range of adults….I’ve never seen anything so universally accepted by such a wide range of people….male, female, elderly, young, it just doesn’t matter. There’s something primal about trains, wherein everyone relates to the sense of freedom and movement they represent (waxing really philosophical here, I’ll shut up now).

They come quite nicely packaged in individual blister packs with a picture of a steam locomotive churning away in the background.

All are very much brand new of course, and ready to roll; standard AG 13 watch type batteries very much included.

Have fun with these when you get them….and be prepared to be the center of attention (for awhile anyway, you know how that goes) if you give them away as gifts.


Having the trains set to my mom. Our family plays Mexican Train Dominos and
we use the trains to alert players the train has been started.
It’s a great game and your trains have been impossible to find lately.
Thanks Again !

Would you let me know how many of these you have?
If I bought 40 or 50 of them, would you be willing to sell them to
me at a discount, as we are hoping to use something like this as a
wedding favor (& yes! we’re getting married on a train!)

Actually, one of them is a gift for my sister. She “picked up” on the Mexican Train domino game while visiting in Western Canada this summer. Apparently these games have been going on for some time in the States but they took a while to take hold here :o) She saw one of the little trains while out west but was unable to obtain one around here….She uses the little plastic trains for individual players and then the little black plastic one for the Mexican train lead piece. It just dawned on me that if you don’t know the “game” I am probably talking “Greek” but oh well….I am sure my sister will be very pleased to have hers.

Cheers !~

Thank you for getting the replacement train to me so quickly. I gave one to my 85 year old father to take to a dominos
tournament that he was going to. He was the “hit” of the party. All of the other seniors wanted to know where he got it from.
(You may have another order coming.)

Thank You !

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