WINDOW MAGNET AMERICAN BALD EAGLE fly-thru glass bird effect, best gift ever, HAND PAINTED

WINDOW MAGNET AMERICAN BALD EAGLE fly-thru glass bird effect, best gift ever, HAND PAINTED

One half mounts inside your window, the other half outside.



Stunning, Soaring !
Half inside / Half Outside
Flying-thru-glass 3D look
Jeesh, did we ever get lucky !
Through pure serendipity, and with help from a favorable crosswind (from the west, if memory serves correct), we somewhow managed to be the first to get ‘ fly-thru ‘ window magnets up and running online.

These are hand painted poly resin creations that sport incredible color and detail.

The suspended-in-mid-air effect is entirely due to the ingenious use of super-powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets ( NOT your typical hardware store magnets)…. in fact, it likely cost more to produce the magnets in these than the sculpture they hold up.

These will look hands-down terrific on almost any window, anywhere on earth :

Living room, kitchen, bathChildren’s rooms

Office windows

Porch awnings

Car or truck windows

Sliding glass doors ( prevents walking into a closed door, yes ? !! )

RV’s, Motor Homes, Campers

Aquariums, terrariums (yep, these are non toxic, even in water)

Gift Baskets & Flower arrangements: an eye-catching addition to any display

Of course, they easily attach conventionally to refrigerators or office filing cabinets as well.

They can be easily slid into place; simply use the inside (room accessible) half as a handle.

Then, slowly move the sculpture to the desired location on your window
(the other half will stay on if moved slowly.

Keep in mind, these are VERY powerful magnets, and the magnetic force easily goes right through a glass pane, so there’s plenty of holding power.


After you’ve put one of every design in every window of your house (don’t laugh, I’ve already done that), you’ll quickly realize these are the penultimate gift item.They’re cheap , affordable, high quality, and extremely new, so few people will have even seen them anywhere quite yet.

Hence, any of your friends that end up getting one of these from you is going to be very, very surprised (and will, into the far distant future, have to acknowlege your beneficence every time they look out the window).

Click anywhere on comparison chart
to check on availability of other designs

More clever designs are on the way !

Includes great usage ideas from past buyers

Count on ……

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Buyer Quote :
“Tell the truth-it was in the mail BEFORE I ordered, right ?”


“Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time”

“Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it.”

And this, just in:
“Can’t believe this. Immediately after I hit the ‘pay now’ button,
my doorbell rang. The package was at the door. Go figure.”

(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Awesome double rainbow, as seen from our 3rd floor computer room window
Dec 22, 2010 )
We were sponsoring the weather that day.

Usually orders zoom out of Mission Control here either same or next day as
receipt of payment (before about 3 p.m. PST usually makes it out that day).

California residents expect to add sales tax at checkout for the gods of commerce here.
Our elected leaders of all that is need new limos, jets, other stuff now and again. Hope that’s ok.

Easily done !
And, postal USPS basically only charges domestic U.S. ship costs
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We’ve shipped stuff to just about everywhere on the planet. Do keep in mind that some
countries may assess customs duties or fees upon arrival (often not, but sometimes yes).

Some restricted items, like aerosol spray cans or volatile inks,
aren’t considered aircraft-friendly these days, so those are shipped within North
America only, and only via slow-boat UPS ground.

For your considerable amusement, here’s a not-that-long-ago countries list ……..

Quantum Leap Unlimited
Quantum Leap Unlimited
Hollywood, California
Quantum Leap Unlimited

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