Hey Alan!

The “dark lights” just arrived and I left you with VERY well deserved glowing feedback!

In my “past life” before reincarnation in Bali, I was a high level marketing executive for the employee benefits side of the rock…The Prudential. Trust me when I say that I can spot a marketing professional from 12,000 miles away, because I can.

In my book, you get great kudos for your attention to even the smallest order. If you are not already a millionaire, you will be shortly, so long as you keep up your first class service.

To be totally honest, I enjoyed this small dollar transaction way more than any recent large dollar transactions in recent history. Not only was the product just as described and immediately shipped…hell, it was fun!

If Bali is ever in your vacation plans, bookmark my e-mail, as I would be delighted to host you for dinner and drinks.

Kindest regards, Roy and Eri


Hello Alan, I dont have a question, but would like to leave you a compliment.

I love the enthusiasm and humor that you inject into your
communications as well as item descriptions on Ebay… it presents
so well that I felt driven to tell you that.

In this intense world in which we live, its so darn nice to see enthusiasm
and humor presented within the format you use for Quantum Leap.
I hope you become a big ol millionaire and do so with a smile and quick humor.

I Realize you must work hard to maintain the 100% feedback, but i really
have enjoyed this transaction. I even showed a few of my friends and they
were cracking up. Nothing is better then sharp wit. So…keep up the good work.

Sooo awesome!!!


Alan, I’ve gotta ask ya–how’d ya get such a HILARIOUS sense of humor? I go to your eBay listings just to read your
anecdotes! I bought one thing from you so far, and will end up buying more, just because you keep bringin’ me back!
And, I’ve got friends visiting your listings to get a chuckle too! I’m sure you’ll get a lot more sales that way —

Do you have any objections to me contacting you for some tips after the items arrive here? I do performance art and have yet to find the level & quality of UV products that I desire. Then I came across your Ebay shop & it was heaven. Not only so you have superior/professional grade products….it was your thorough knowledge, explanations, and visual examples that REALLY blew me away. Anyone can sell a product. But it is clear you are not only technically informed….but also willing to teach ( sadly, both are rare qualities these days ). It’s quite apparent you believe in your products, and then go above and beyond most sellers by wanting to educate the consumer!

Alam-a-go-go … are you aware that lethally effective copywriters earn
1,000,000 times more than lightbulb and skin cream $eller$? YOU HAVE THE

yTP2, countin’ coffee beans
Hello: I am a competitor for you in the Flame Light Biz (I sell a lot of other stuff to), but I wanted to email
you just to tell you that you really make a terrific ebay listing.

I am sending a copy of your listing to my
two employees here that are in charge of making listings to show them what our listings need to measure up to.
You write great copy, with really terrific pictures. I hope you are making good money on this Flame Light,
because you should be! I almost bought it myself, and I got a whole bunch of these in the warehouse!

Anywayz, none of us get enough feedback about when we do a terrific job, but I thought I would pass this on to you. -
Have to admit I always get a kick out of your website: it’s a pen, it’s a
flashlight! IT’S A WEAPON! IT’S A SUSHI SPEAR! Men like it. waiters rave about
it. It turns women on. Order NOW, ’cause for a short time only, Aransaalam is
throwing in a rare sought after metallic-look cap!
Thank YOU Alan. FYI, I am a pr/marketing/advertising pro and got the
greatest giggle out of your ad for the “Lady”-particularly the

WONDERFUL….reminded me greatly of a guy I met once named J. Peterman
who had great success with a similar writing style and started his own
multi -million company in a much more humble way than with Ebay. (He
went belly-up in mail order but is starting over via the internet) You are
really GOOD….and I’m not half bad myself but recognize those better than

My hats off to you. Keep it up and THANKS!


Ok thanks! Wow, you’re a great salesperson ! I had no plans whatsoever on buying a
“crystal ball” until I ran across your auction and you really convinced me I should buy
this! : ) I can’t wait to see it –and in the dark– like you said!
I have to mention off the bat what a great writer of auction copy you
truly are! As a new homeowner, I had no intention of buying ANYTHING,
stumbled on your auction copy, bid, and have not, (despite this new thing in my
life they call a mortgage), had a moment of buyer’s remorse!
I wrote to tell you how your auction listing with the story MADE ME buy that watch! I have
bought from you before, but that was a neat unique touch and pushed me to buy.
Just FYI The watch is for my husband’s blind grandfather and will be just
super for him. Thanks again!

Thanks Alan your so nice ……i love giving my money to
people like you! Keep up
the good work…..your details of your auctions
are great!
Thanx again and MERRY
Okay, okay, Alan.

So I’ve just spent the last *hour+* on your eBay site and
I can only find **one** item that I do NOT want. Way to go! Like I need to
spend $$$ on all these ‘toys’ that my friends will love and envy and laugh
at me…all the way to your eBay site. HA! For your sake, I’ll tell
them…but I’ll make them wait.

You have got
some really cool stuff! I seriously doubt I can control myself…

Thanks much,
Incidentally, even though I had to use a #7 magnifying glass to read
your listing, and it took longer than for a sighted person to read, I
found it hysterically funny.

You write like a professional (which I am, or was)….thanks for giving me a good “belly laugh” today.
I needed it, as badly as I need a watch to keep up with the time.


By the way, you have one of the coolest offices I have ever seen

I like buying from people with personality!! Your witty response has been the only smile in my day as it’s been a heck of a miserable one here! So if the rest of my week is as phenomenal as today and yesterday were, then I’m hoping for non-phenomenal! LOL

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Anna Wood
I wish you would stop selling these things, I have to keep buying them
for my friends! :)

P.S. I really loved your ad, you should consider writing as a profession, or maybe that is
what you do, if not, what a shame, you are very creative!!! I have never spent so much time reading and re-reading an
Ebay listing.

Thanks Again, Jodie (Kent) Courtland

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